Dealers, Please Be Aware Of All Policies & Procedures Before Registering.

If you have already read the policies and procedures click below to download your printable...

Dealer Registration Form / Bank Registration Form / Bank Letter

Attention Registering Dealers:

Please complete the two page registration form and the bank letter (make sure you sign this).
We will also need current copies of:

  1. Your dealer license.
  2. Your sales tax certificate.
  3. Your DMV Vehicle Dealer Bond.
  4. Your drivers license(s)
  5. Your charter or DBA

Once this information has been received by the auction, we can process your registration and issue your auction dealer number, allowing you to transact business at our sales.

Bank registration is in .pdf format, If you do not have the latest version of acrobat reader, please follow the link below for the free download.

Houston’s 1st Choice Auto Auction Policies and Procedures

(as of 9/1/03)
  1. All Dealers must be registered before buying or selling.
  2. A current copy of your dealer’s license and a bond are required to register. All buyers are also required to have a photo ID produced in our office.
  3. In order to pay by check or draft, all banking information must be completed on your registration form and our bank letter completed by your bank.
  4. If you are approved to buy under any auction finance program, you must inform the auction when signing up for the vehicle.
  5. CASH buyers must deposit $1000.00 CASH before a cash card to buy will be issued. All CALL IF’S must be cleared, and all vehicles paid for before your deposit is returned.
  6. All vehicles must be paid for within 24 hours of the sale or a draft fee will be charged.
  7. All vehicles must be paid for before a gate release will be given.
  8. CALL IF’S from the Tuesday sale are binding until 5 PM Tuesday.
  9. CALL IF’S from the Wednesday sale are binding until 5 Pm Thursday.
  10. It is the Buyers responsibility to call and see if vehicle is a SALE or NO SALE on all CALL IF’S within the prescribed period.
  11. There will be $100.00 fee for any returned check or draft. Returned items will not be redeposited.
  12. SELLERS have thirty days to produce the title to the auction or a $50.00 late title fee will be deducted from the seller’s check. An additional $50.00 will be deducted after 60 days. Buyers are cautioned NOT to sell, repair, or recondition vehicle until title is received. Buyer must give 24 hours notice before returning a vehicle for late title.
  13. If a buyer returns a vehicle for late title, seller misrepresentation, or arbitration, seller is responsible for reimbursement of transportation charges to and from buyer’s location.
  14. Vehicles will be sold within $100.00 of the low.
  15. Any vehicles left on our lot over 5 days will be subject to being towed to a storage lot.
  16. We do not accept vehicles without a riveted VIN plate on the dash (public VIN# per State regulations)
  17. Boat buyers will be responsible for all taxes on the boat if the buyer does not possess a boat license.


  1. Writing on the window is only a courtesy. The Block Ticket conditions are binding.
  2. All cars sold for $3,000.00 or less, are sold “AS IS” and are not subject to arbitration for mechanical defects, flood or frame damage, missing or deployed airbags or inoperable odometers.
  3. All vehicles 10 years old and older will be sold with the mileage marked “exempt”, as decreed by the state. All exempt vehicles are sold “as is” regardless of the price, and can’t be arbitrated for odometer.
  4. All BRANDED TITLES must be announced.
  5. Inoperable odometer must be announced on vehicles sold for more than $2,000.00. Odometer discrepancies must be reported to the auction no later than 5PM the next business day, and before it leaves the auction.
  6. We do not guarantee the year on, motorcycles, boats or RV’s.
  7. We do not guarantee the VIN on 1970 and older vehicles.
  8. The following must be announced on green light vehicles and vehicles sold for over $2,000.00: Reconditioned titles, NAM, EML, no factory air, cracked blocks, frame damage, diesel conversions, flood cars, core damage, inoperable ABS, missing or deployed airbags, and airbag light on.
  9. Police vehicles, county vehicles, and taxis must be announced.
  10. Frame damage vehicles must be returned within seven (7) days if damage is unannounced.
  11. Flood cars must be returned within 48 hours, if damage is not announced.
  12. All motor changes must be announced.
  13. If a vehicle is sold with a ‘GREEN LIGHT’, and $500.00 can fix it, there is no arbitration.
  14. Wednesday night arbitrations must be reported by 12 noon Thursday.

If you have any questions about our policies and procedures, please ask an auction staff member. We’ll be happy to assist you.